Thick and Ticklish Milf

Bootylicious Leena, curvy and ticklish in all the right places! She gets a little interview and tickle test on the sofa, she definitely passes the tickle test. Brooke brings her over to the stocks, restrains the very nervous Leena, and punishes her entire body, of course spending the most time on Leena’s gorgeous and super ticklish size 8 feet. Leena has an exquisite laugh, she takes a lot of punishment in this one.

6 Responses to “Thick and Ticklish Milf”

  1. Joe Ducks says:

    she is so sexy and very ticklish,she should do a battle with milf nikki to see who is the most ticklish milf…

  2. joe says:

    i watched that, she needs to be tickled by tasha on this device.

    she has really sexy soles.. wrinkly and very soft, you can understand it if you look carefuly. skin becaming wrinkly very easy because of the soft layer anyway i wanna watch more of her..

    thanks TA

  3. Richie Rich says:

    Leena needs to be tickled in nylons. Also, would love to see her in a sexy tickle play with Tracy jordan

  4. paladinzo says:

    the only this could be better is to strech her and lick tickle her Naked I LOVE THICK BIG TICKLISH WOMEN

  5. paladinzo says:

    Tasha should Tickle her Streached and Nude

  6. Lets face it only great men can handle a mature woman! Thanks for this.

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