Tickle Tapout 2

So far in the “Tickle Tapout” series Keri is 2-0. Tasha tries to take her on, and though she gets her reversals and tickling in, Keri is just too powerful to overcome. Keri’s Achilles heel is her ticklishness for sure, but she knows how to subdue her opponent and avoid being tickled. Tasha almost gets her to submit a few times, but Tasha is as ticklish as Keri, and both girls separate everytime neither can get the upperhand. Finally Keri restrains Tasha’s arms and its all over, Tasha tapsout and submits. Keri keeps going just to teach her a lesson.

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  1. TickleSlaveinTN says:

    That was pretty cool! ‘Tasha never had a chance against Keri. I just have to say that, for Keri’s sake, she better hope none of her MMA opponents have a tickle fetish, because if they do and they see her here, her career is going to go on a loooon losing streak. 😉

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