Slow Armpit Torture

Tasha slowly, mercilessly tortures and teases Cali Logan’s armpits. Cali can at least handle it when she knows what is coming, but Tasha really gets to her, you can definitely see it in her face! Tasha teases almost the entire video with brief bursts, but its the teasing the pushes Cali over the edge.

5 Responses to “Slow Armpit Torture”

  1. TickleSlaveinTN says:

    I think Tasha found the very best way to tickle torture Cali. Slow & teasing is defiinitely the best. Cali really had that desperate look on her face by the end. 🙂

  2. nick says:

    very nice clip.. please put danny in this device, tq

  3. Verna Solverson says:

    Holy shit is without a doubt that the dude from ‘The Room’!!!!!!

  4. Sexist says:

    My gos,the only thing is missing is sex 😉

  5. Rachelle says:

    Dude this ISA good way to get to cali

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